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What do I do to join the project?

To join the Water Clock Project, you need to follow this simple steps:

First, Go to

Second, click the link next to the star:

Third, choose number one and enter your mymdc username and password:

Fourth, click on the Start a New Service-Learning Application Botton

Then, select your class and find the agency name on the agency list:

In this case, the Agency is the Water Clock Project

Finally, print all the forms and that’s it, you are in!


What is the Water Clock Project?

The Water Clock Project in an attempt to maximize the learning environment and take it outside the classroom.  It is a entirely student driven program provided through service-learning.  Although professors from art, architecture, engineering, and psychology are available, their involvement is merely as advisors or mentors.  The students have the main responsibility to identify, plan and structure their activities.

The main purpose of the Water Clock Project is to have students from different majors working together with three common goals.

  • The first goal is to build a water clock as a symbol of sustainability.
  • The second goal is assist students gain insight or understanding about interrelatedness.  To attain this second goal students
  1. Get involved in creative processes and professors encourage students to engage in proactive behaviors
  2. Form delegations in charge of activities/projects that they have chosen.  Since these activities/projects are always part of a larger goal, they also have to overcome challenges to maintain lines of communication open.
  • The third and final goal is to foster career orientation.  Student’s knowledge and interest becomes the foundation that allows creation of useful experiences related to student’s academic goals.  In the process, students have the opportunity to develop communication skills, critical thinking skills, cross-cultural understanding, and improve civic responsibility.